Tips For Selecting Baby Blankets

Another way to make a memory quilt is to use all new fabric with a different approach. You could make each square a representation of some part or event of a child’s life. Each square would be embellished by applique, embroidery, scanned pictures, iron-on letters, fabric paint or whatever you like. You could ask important people from the child’s life to contribute a square or two and to sign their square with their name.

Size is the first element to consider when it comes to making baby quilts. A baby quilt should be significantly smaller than a typical quilt. Some quilts can be used for comforters or as bedding in cribs, so it is a wise choice to create a quilt that is fitted to match the size of the crib. In addition size can relate to the thickness of the quilt. Quilts that are constructed for adult use or even decoration are quite thick. However a quilt made for a baby should be relatively thin.

While photos and messages give a more current look to a blanket, embroidery allows it to look charming in a classic way. Names, dates, messages, or meaningful graphics can be embroidered on the blanket.

Blanket Quilt When you store your handmade quilt in a closet or drawer, if you feel the need to wrap it up in something, use tissue paper rather than a plastic bag. Storing it in a plastic bag for a long period of time may result in yellowing and discoloration.

Then the second layer, usually a thin blanket or a worn sheet, was placed on the quilt frame in the same manner – always checking to make sure that the corners were at right angles.

Now use a steam iron to turn and press the rectangle over the seam allowance, pressing away from the center piece. Trim the seam allowance close to the stitching line to remove the bulk in your design.

The cold, damp nights were particularly tough to get through with any kind of true rest. The warm quilt material was a welcome protection and security from the drafty old colonial houses and they quickly became popular.

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