Pros And Cons Of Search Engine Marketing

Bounce Rate – a metric that we all enjoy. Decreasing bounce rate should be of substantial significance in 2009. Make your content more attractive and let them find it fast.

Emphasise that SEO will increase website traffic and sales – The primary and very first thing a client desires to hear is that you are going to “reveal them the cash”, in other words, show that the website direct exposure is going to cause a much better ROI (Return On Financial Investment). Discuss the fundamental nature of search engine optimisation and the advantages it can bring business i.e. increased traffic, contacts and visitors/ sales.

16. Attempt to avoid using frames, Ajax, and Flash as much as possible. None of these functions are keyword or search engine friendly and will injure your SEO results.

To see what a standard page layout looks like actually click onto a site, best select and click view source. You will now see the website in basic HTML and read this precisely how the search spiders see it.

Ok, let’s use short article marketing for an example – you get to put your websites URL in the resource box for each post directory site you submit your post to. You create backlinks – your site will be referenced by other website, which is an aspect to consider, when looking at link popularity, as used by numerous search engines, when they index your websites.

There is no doubt, SEO works wonders when done correctly. It is essential, when you’re searching for your search business, to use good sense, just as you would with other decisions you make.

Every page of your site has a title tag with text describing either your website or what is on the page. Make sure the text consists of SEO-type keywords instead of the name of your website. Unless you are exceptionally popular, nobody is going to be searching for you by searching for your name. They will probably look for an item or service and the keywords you use will lead them to your site.

Ensure that your website’s URL is the first thing in your video description as this will get indexed. Simply copy and paste it from your internet browser’s address bar – you can’t do expensive anchor text with YouTube.

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