Sport Fitness Equipment For Cardio Training

Sport Fitness Equipment


There are so many types of cardio training machines that can be purchased that it’s easy to become confused. In fact many people simply throw their hands up in despair and let the salesperson make the choice for them (hint: don’t let salespeople make decisions for you).

Exercise Bike

The best way to approach the purchase of a cardio training machine is to do a little research about the various types of machines that are today available.

Here are some of the machine types that have been proven to deliver results when used by someone who is committed to lowering their weight or improving their fitness levels.

#1 The Treadmill

Treadmills have been around fro decades, however new technology and materials mean that the treadmills of today bear no resemblance to those that were available only a generation ago.


For busy people who simply do not have the time to go for an outdoor run or want exceptional control over their home cardio training the treadmill still remains a great choice.

One of the advantages of a treadmill is that it allows the body to move freely, thus eliminating unnatural pressure and stress on joints, ligaments and muscles.

On most machines gradient and speed can be manually adjusted with other machines allowing preset ‘courses’ to be used, mimicking the road running or cross country experience.

#2 The Stair Mill

If you’re looking for a great cardio machine and want to tighten up your glutes at the same time then the Stair Mill (also called a ‘stair machine’ or a ‘stair climber’) may just be the ideal piece of home gym equipment for you.

For best results keep your hands to yourself, supporting yourself on the bars will almost certainly result in your upper body doing lots of the work – something you simply don’t want.

#3 The Rowing Machine

Another machine that has been around for generations but today looks and performs nothing like the original rowing machines that were tremendously popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The advantage of the rowing machine is that it supplies full body workout.

A session on a rowing machine can be extremely challenging and this is a machine that may not be suitable for beginners, however if you want a superior cardio workout as well as a great way to build strength and endurance this is close to the ideal machine for home use.

#4 The Stationery Spin Bike

A great machine for building endurance and getting a top of the range cardio workout. Choose high intensity interval training to get the most out of this piece of equipment.

Some models feature readouts and allow you to set a variety of parameters to get the most out of your home cardio session.


Exercise bikes

Those in search of cardio machines will be spoiled for choice. Many models are easy to store and offer exceptional features.

Power up your cardio program today by getting your hands on one of these machines.