Fitness Resistance Assisted Kipping Pullups

Essential to any fitness program is strength training. Any fitness program should couple cardio exercise with weight bearing exercise – the latter helping muscle and bone development. Resistance bands are portable, inexpensive, and light-weight making them suitable for working out at home or for use while travelling. With resistance bands It is possible to do a workout with hundreds of different exercises and varied routines.
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All bands are 4.5MM thick . Here are the different bands and resistances in pounds and kilograms at 25% and 100% stretch: #1 – Level 1 – Orange – 1 – 8 lbs. ( .5 – 3.6 kg ) – .5 inches … Read more…

BenchBlokz 2-5 Board

Allows an easier method of bench press, board press for lone users. Allows a safer method of bench press, board press. Allows a more efficient method of bench press, board press. Allows a more consist…


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