STOTT PILATES Flex-Band Two-Pack

Sale Price: $20.15

Challenge your upper- and lower-body resistance matwork training with this incredible 2-Pack that includes two 198cm (6 feet 5 inches) Flex-Bands and bonus Easy Start Poster. Use the regular-strength … Read more…

STOTT PILATES Full Foam Roller Deluxe – (Purple), 36 Inch / 92 cm

Foam rollers are used to improve balance whether for general fitness or rehab sports performance.STOTT PILATES new EVA Foam Roller is constructed of the same material that has been used for cushioning…


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STOTT PILATES(MERRITHEW) Fitness Circle Lite (Black), 14 inch / 35.5 cm

STOTT PILATES is a brand of MERRITHEW. The Fitness Circle Lite is a must-have for all Pilates enthusiasts. It improves muscle tone and is great for problem areas that are hard to firm up like inner an…


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STOTT PILATES Pilates Express Mat (Stone) 0.4 inch / 10 mm

Protect your spine while you enjoy our signature Pilates Express Mat. Made of closed-cell foam construction, it will protect you from hard surfaces, while keeping you comfortable as you exercise. The …


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